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Who is led
We sell Polystyrene, PMMA, Light Guide Plates from Turkey.

What kind of products do you sell?
We sell polystrene, pmma, optic films, light guide panels and micro prismatic diffusers.

What are the standart sizes of your products?
Polystrene diffusers are 1,2 and 1,5 mm thicknesses. Standart size is 1200x1800mm. It is possible to produce all thicknesses.
PMMA - Acrylic diffusers are 2mm thicknesses. Standart size is 1220x1830mm.
LED Light Guide Plates are 3 and 3,3mm thicknesses. Standart size is 1200x1200mm.
Reflective films are any size you needed. They have %90, %97,4 and %98 reflection. Dimensions are 600mmxhundred meters
If you have another thicknesses or dimensions, please feel free to ask via phone or e-mail. We will be back to you in same day.

Where are you located in?
Our office and warehouse located in Istanbul,Turkey.

How long does it take you prepare products?
We can cut any dimensions you requested,we have standart cutting for panel and lineer luminaires. Also we are able to do laser cutting for specified lighting fixtures. Generally preparing time take 2-5 days. Transportation takes 1 week to Europe, it takes 2 weeks to Middle East countries.

What is the difference your products between standart led lens and diffusers?
For polystrene products; we have antistatic treatment on the surfaces and both side can use.
Our polystrene products have glow wire test. It is for over 650 Celcius Degree.
All our diffusers have SUPER UV protection.
We have fourth generation light guide panels, the difference between standart panel is both side has laser and micropatterns. This system brings your luminaire %20 efficiency.
Diffusers have UL certificate.

What type of Light Guide Plates do you supply?
We have Laser Printed and Laser+Paten plates available at our stock.

How can we contact with you?
You can send an e-mail to or please feel free to call +90(212)3204650(4Pbx). Fax number is: +90(212)3204654. Please feel free to contact for your sample inquiries.